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1. Schema Creation

Design the data schema for your app.

2. Settings Config

Choose which type of application you want.

3. Source Code

Generate your source code!

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Preview a generated Admin/CRUD app!


Kick Ass Kick-starting Kick-Ass Apps and SaaS's!

Hello fellow coders! It is great to be part of the Angular community. We had a great time at ng-conf.

Save countless time and money by generating high quality Angular applications in seconds. Go from code-monkey to ninja coder.

Generate web apps with Angular 4+, Typescript, Bootstrap, Material Design, Ionic 2, Electron, Xamarin, React, Vue, etc... more coming! We hope/plan to generate for the many popular component libraries like Kendo UI, Infragistics, PrimeNG, Clarity Design System, ag-Grid, SyncFusion, etc.

Automated e2e UI protractor/jasmine testing code is also generated to help kick-start your testing efforts.

We also generate an in-memory database and data for fast prototyping without the REST API, and you can switch when ready.

With the source code, build your own enterprise template-sets quickly and write files directly to your machine instead of downloading a zip.

Code Gen

Next Steps...

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#MCFA #MakeCodingFunAgain

Let's go play with some code!